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Agnihotri, Rama Kan (2009) Language and dialect. Learning Curve (13). pp. 21-23.

Agnihotri, Vishnu and Nishchal Shukla, Nishchal and Bhandari, Apoorva (2009) The potential of assessment in science. Learning Curve (12). pp. 27-30.

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Balasubramanian, Krishnan (2009) Burning questions and their power to kindle a fire. Learning Curve (12). pp. 6-9.

Banerji, Rukmini (2009) The prince in the classroom. Learning Curve (13). pp. 77-79.

Basole, Amit (2009) The “People’s Movement Left” and Rammanohar Lohia: an evaluation at a time of crisis. Sanhati.

Berntsen, Maxine (2009) In the classroom: teaching early literacy in Indian languages. Learning Curve (13). pp. 38-40.

Bhatt, Hemraj (2009) Voice of a teacher : reading and learning my experiments in my village school. Learning Curve (13). pp. 34-37.


Daniel, Prema (2009) Use of puppetry in teaching language. Learning Curve (13). pp. 67-69.

Dewan, Hriday Kan (2009) The capability of the child. Learning Curve (13). pp. 6-9.

Dewan, Hridaykant (2009) Commitment to education: are we failing? Learning Curve (25). pp. 17-20.

Dhankar, Rohit (2009) लोकतन्त्र के नाच मे शिक्षा कि बात. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Dhankar, Rohit (2009) कक्षा मे लक्ष्यो की ओर: शिक्षाक्रम - छेत्र का मान्चित्रन. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Dhankar, Rohit (2009) संस्कृतिक विविधता और शिक्षणशास्त्र. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Dhankar, Rohit (2009) शिक्षा क अधिकार अधिनियम: उमीद और आशन्काओ के बीच. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Dhankar, Rohit (2009) Importance of language. Learning Curve (13). pp. 10-12.


George, Alex M and Madan, Amman (2009) Teaching social science in schools: NCERT’s new textbook initiative. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Gupta, Arvind (2009) Making things, doing things. Learning Curve (12). pp. 13-15.


Harikumar, Uma (2009) Small science series: textbooks, workbooks and teachers' books for classes I to V. Learning Curve (12). pp. 62-64.


Jayadeva, G.S. (2009) From the real to the abstract. Learning Curve (12). pp. 17-18. ISSN 2582-1644

Joshi, Kamlesh Chandra (2009) The new flavour of language textbooks - ncert initiative. Learning Curve (13). pp. 70-72.


Mahendroo, Kamal (2009) Developing teachers. Learning Curve (12). pp. 31-34.

Mishra, Alok Kumar (2009) Nature watch : Sarus Crane : on its way to extinction. Resonance : Journal of Science Education. pp. 1206-1209. ISSN 0973-712X

Mishra, Manasi (2009) Foundation experience: redefining reading and writing: experiences from language resource generation workshops. Learning Curve (13). pp. 81-85.

Mukhopadhyay, Rahul (2009) Book review :Degrees Without Freedom?: Education, Masculinities, and Unemployment in North India. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mukunda, Usha (2009) The school library - a rich resource in language education. Learning Curve (13). pp. 52-53.


Nag, Sonali (2009) Inclusive classrooms for children with different language learning needs. Learning Curve (13). pp. 43-45.

Narayanasamy, Nandita (2009) Journey of science through time. Learning Curve (12). pp. 36-38.

Neeraja Raghavan, Neeraja (2009) Bringing the laboratory into the classroom: bringing inventive thinking into the mind. Learning Curve (12). pp. 19-23.


Padaki, Vijay (2009) Language, education and social development- remembering David Horsburgh. Learning Curve (13). pp. 27-31.

Paik, Saswati (2009) The Saraswati:- Where lies the mystery. Geospatial World.

Periodi, Umashanker (2009) Celebrating science: the science mela. Learning Curve (12). pp. 49-51.

Ponnappan, Usha (2009) A quest for understanding. Learning Curve (12). pp. 40-42.

Prasad, Indu (2009) Language and the national curriculum framework. Learning Curve (13). pp. 19-21.

Prasad, Indu (2009) Learning science the NCF way. Learning Curve (12). pp. 1-5.


Raghavan, Neeraja (2009) Did scientists ever err? Learning Curve (12). pp. 39-40.

Raghavan, Neeraja (2009) The Many Colours of the Pen that Writes. Learning Curve (13). pp. 98-100.

Raghavan, Neeraja (2009) "Surely you're joking, mr feynman!" - adventures of a curious character. Learning Curve (12). pp. 60-61.

Raghavan, Neeraja (2009) Why I love chemistry. Learning Curve (12). pp. 44-45.

Raghavan, Ranjani (2009) Learning Gujarati from friends; not learning Marathi at school. Learning Curve (13). p. 63.

Raghunath, Prema (2009) Teacher preparation for teaching language in elementary schools. Learning Curve (13). pp. 50-52.

Ramanujam, Geeta (2009) Tools in language teaching: language development through story-telling. Learning Curve (13). pp. 64-66.

Ramesh, Madhuri (2009) Relative Abundance and Morphometrics of the Travancore Tortoise, Indotestudo travancorica, in the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Western Ghats, India. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Ranjekar, Dileep (2009) Developing scientific temper. Learning Curve (12). pp. 10-11.


Singh, Paarth (2009) Why I do not like science. Learning Curve (12). p. 43.

Srivatsa, Ashvin (2009) Voices of students : three languages, three paradigms. Learning Curve (13). pp. 60-62.


Varma, Vijaya (2009) The agency of school teachers. Learning Curve (12). pp. 34-36.

Venkateswaran, T.V. (2009) Towards a people's education movement - Tamilnadu science forum (TNSF) and school education. Learning Curve (12). pp. 45-48.

Vijapurkar, Jyotsna (2009) Listening to children's voices in the science classroom. Learning Curve (12). pp. 15-17.

Vijaysimha, Indira (2009) The reading disease. Learning Curve (13). pp. 4-5.

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