The agency of school teachers

Varma, Vijaya (2009) The agency of school teachers. Learning Curve (12). pp. 34-36.

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Experiments with reforms in school education in India, like the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme, have shown that teachers are critical to the enterprise of quality education. Whenever a teacher buys into the idea of reform, the reforms stand a chance of succeeding, but whenever a teacher is hostile or indifferent, the reforms are headed for failure.So the question is why are these principles to be found more in the breach than in the observance? In the remainder of this brief article we will try and examine some of the reasons why this could be so.summarise, what we have argued in this brief article is that good and committed teachers are central to a good system of education in schools. Teachers should have a greater role in the development of syllabi and textbooks and for this, these processes need to be decentralised. We must also attract better quality people into the profession and for this, we must not only improve salaries but also the working conditions of teachers and the facilities available to them. However, all this will come to nothing unless we simultaneously improve teacher accountability by both legislative processes as well as by inculcating a proper sense of values in our teachers and our students through our system of schooling.

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