Voices of students : three languages, three paradigms

Srivatsa, Ashvin (2009) Voices of students : three languages, three paradigms. Learning Curve (13). pp. 60-62.

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I have some degree of familiarity with three the mechanical aspects of the English language, the languages: English, Tamil, and Japanese. analytical and mechanical components of the language English is my native tongue – I’ve learned it are inseparable – a firm basis in the mechanics of since I was born, and it has been the English is a prerequisite for conducting sophisticated medium of instruction in all of my schooling. Tamil is analysis, while performing analysis will invariably the language spoken by my family at home – though I’ve leave one with a greater appreciation for the never received formal instruction in Tamil, I have been mechanics of the language. The synergistic effect of exposed to it on my yearly vacations in India. Unlike these two aspects of learning seems to have been of Tamil and English, my only exposure to Japanese is in great value to my acquisition of English. the classroom. Each of these languages has influenced The final and most crucial component of my journey to my intellectual development in a different way, and I acquire English has been my insatiable desire to read. shall herein attempt to describe my experience with Ever since learning how to read as a youth, I have each of these languages.

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