Inclusive classrooms for children with different language learning needs

Nag, Sonali (2009) Inclusive classrooms for children with different language learning needs. Learning Curve (13). pp. 43-45.

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Imagine the process of language learning to be like a long sentence with many words. Now imagine a hidden hand that changes or even drops some words in the sentence. Each such intervention would change the sentence in a subtle way, but some changes would cause a bigger shift in meaning than others. Dropping words like and or this may have a somewhat less dramatic effect on the sentence than changing the word need for deed or rhyme for rote. Now imagine each of these changes as the possible ways in which genes and brain mechanisms disrupt the process of language learning. The impact on language development is just as varied: some interruptions are small and easily repaired; others leave a big gap in language learning that stay with the child well beyond the school years. Biological endowments deeply shape the pathways to later skill and talent in using language.

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Authors: Nag, Sonali
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