Developing teachers

Mahendroo, Kamal (2009) Developing teachers. Learning Curve (12). pp. 31-34.

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A 1929 text for science teachers describes a successful science teacher as one who: “...knows his own subject ... is widely read in other branches of science ... knows how to teach ... is able to express himself lucidly ... is skillful in manipulation ... is resourceful both at the demonstration table and in the laboratory ... is a logician to his fingertips ... is something of a philosopher ... is so far an historian that he can sit down with a crowd of [students] and talk to them about the personal equations, the lives, and works of such geniuses as Galileo, Newton, Faraday and Darwin. More than this, he is an enthusiast, full of faith in his own particular work.”We are more used to teachers being talked down to, of how they should teach and what they should teach. It is time for the teacher educators, curriculum designers, administrators and policy makers to show in practice what they preach to the teachers. In doing so, they will also counter the usual criticisms of such approaches being too time consuming and how the entire syllabus would not be covered this way. The central issue is not the syllabus but the goals of our education.

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