Language, education and social development- remembering David Horsburgh

Padaki, Vijay (2009) Language, education and social development- remembering David Horsburgh. Learning Curve (13). pp. 27-31.

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The invitation for an article in Learning Curve came at a time when the subject of Karnataka's “language policy” was in the news once again. For a subject to retain the value of topicality it must reappear in cyclical bursts, make its presence felt aggressively in many directions, exhaust itself, and retire to its quarters until its next appearance. Other topicalities must be given their cyclical turns - nature vs. nurture in intelligence, elimination vs. rehabilitation of street dogs, reservation vs. merit in public institutions and so on. Not too long ago the games and pastimes of children too followed cycles of appearance, with tops, seven stones, kabaddi, kites and gilli danda following the laws of seasonality. One cannot help wondering about the cyclical nature of our engagements. There must be a scientific explanation lying there somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

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Authors: Padaki, Vijay
Uncontrolled Keywords: Education, Elementary education, Early childhood education
Subjects: Social sciences > Education
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