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May 2014

Anandalakshmy, S. (2014) Making pre-schools inclusive. Learning Curve (22). pp. 28-31.

Arora, Sumit (2014) Perception of primary school teachers about the quality of pre-school education provided by anganwadis. Learning Curve (22). pp. 78-81. ISSN 2582-1644

Bazeley, Rhea (2014) Teaching early reading skills. Learning Curve (22). pp. 54-60.

Datta, Vrinda (2014) School readiness. Learning Curve (22). pp. 67-69.

K, Vaijayanti (2014) Creating an ecosystem for effective engagement with the ICDS system - Akshara Foundation’s pre-school education programme. Learning Curve (22). pp. 85-87.

Kanjirath, Nina (2014) Integrating Reggio Emilia’s philosophy into India’s pre-schools. Learning Curve (22). pp. 90-91.

Kaul, Venita (2014) Early childhood education – possibilities for the way forward. Learning Curve (22). pp. 11-14.

Kaur, Randeep (2014) Home language as the basis of language teaching. Learning Curve (22). pp. 64-66.

Learning Curve, (LC) (2014) Hands to hearts international. Learning Curve (22). pp. 88-89.

Mandlik, Sharmila Govande nee (2014) Curiosity and learning. Learning Curve (22). pp. 40-42.

Manivannan, G. (2014) ‘Child’s play’ is ‘work’…is the view in Steiner-Waldorf early childhood education. Learning Curve (22). pp. 92-93.

Medak ECE Initiative’ Team, Azim Premji Foundation, (APF) (2014) Review of pre-school education within the context of the ICDS program in medak District, Andhra Pradesh – a summary. Learning Curve (22). pp. 73-77. ISSN 2582-1644

Menon, Shailaja (2014) Language and literacy learning in early years: what should it look like? Learning Curve (22). pp. 50-53. ISSN 2582-1644

Misra, Partha Sarathi (2014) Reading and writing during early childhood. Learning Curve (22). pp. 61-63.

Mohanty, Ajit (2014) Prenatal English? why not? mother tongue vs. English in early education. Learning Curve (22). pp. 47-49.

Mysoor, Dolashree (2014) Early childhood care and education and the right to education. Learning Curve (22). pp. 7-10. ISSN 2582-1644

Naidu, Anuradha (2014) Special needs: identification and intervention in the early childhood years. Learning Curve (22). pp. 32-35.

Pandya, Kinnari and Shastri, Jigisha (2014) Early childhood education - coming out of the flux. Learning Curve (22). pp. 18-21. ISSN 2582-1644

Patel, Apoorva (2014) Recognising the rights of unheard voices. Learning Curve (22). pp. 82-84.

Prasad, Indu (2014) The importance of early childhood education. Learning Curve (22). pp. 2-6.

R. P., Gayatri (2014) Early childhood intervention in rural Karnataka - parents are aspiring for quality early intervention. can educational institutions deliver? Learning Curve (22). pp. 94-95.

Raghunath, Prema (2014) Giving kids a fair chance, edited by James J Heckman; Boston review Books; $12.17 (hard cover). Learning Curve (22). p. 96.

Saraswathi, T S (2014) The teacher as a research participant/consumer and researcher. Learning Curve (22). pp. 70-72.

Sen, Rekha Sharma and Bhargava, Shruti (2014) Assessment in early years education. Learning Curve (22). pp. 36-39.

Seshadri, Shreelata Rao and Parab, Suraj Ankush (2014) Nutrition, health and education in early years. Learning Curve (22). pp. 15-17. ISSN 2582-1644

Singh, Asha (2014) Creativity: role of arts in Early childhood education. Learning Curve (22). pp. 43-46.

Swaminathan, Mina (2014) Gender rights in early childhood. Learning Curve (22). pp. 22-26.

October 2014

Belliappa, Jyothsna Latha (2014) Gender inequities in school teaching: reasons and repercussions. Learning Curve (23). pp. 13-15.

Chawla, Ritika (2014) Who decides where I belong? Learning Curve (23). pp. 30-32.

David, Neena (2014) Specific learning disabilities - mainstream classroom contexts. Learning Curve (23). pp. 66-69.

Farooqi, Farah (2014) Teaching ‘Marginalisation’ to the marginalised. Learning Curve (23). pp. 44-47.

Haider Khan, Nadim Ali (2014) RtE Act and inclusive and discrimination-free schools. Learning Curve (23). pp. 20-23.

Indumathi, S. (2014) Inclusion in science textbooks. Learning Curve (23). pp. 48-50.

John, Annie (2014) Barriers to inclusion in Education. Learning Curve (23). pp. 34-36.

Krishnan, P. S. (2014) The Indian caste system and consequent challenges in education for historically deprived and disadvantaged social classes – how to overcome the System and Meet its Challenges. Learning Curve (23). pp. 24-29.

Kumar, Nita (2014) Postcolonial, inclusive education in the southpoint vidyashram. Learning Curve (23). pp. 70-72.

Kurup, Anitha (2014) The gifted child’s right to education. Learning Curve (23). pp. 6-8.

Madan, Ankur (2014) Inclusion is the way forward. Learning Curve (23). pp. 2-5.

Mahadevan, Vijaya (2014) Include me! Learning Curve (23). pp. 88-90.

Mahajan, Vandana (2014) Centralising equity, celebrating diversity: practising inclusion in our educational system. Learning Curve (23). pp. 57-60.

Mehendale, Archana and Mukhopadhyay, Rahul (2014) Inclusion in private unaided schools: has RTE paved the way? Learning Curve (23). pp. 10-12.

Mohan Raj, Sarala (2014) Reaching out... a different approach to inclusion. Learning Curve (23). pp. 78-79.

Mukunda, Usha (2014) Exploring inclusion in children’s literature. Learning Curve (23). pp. 84-87.

Naidu, Anuradha (2014) A fishy innovation from Hong Kong. Learning Curve (23). pp. 73-74.

Pande, Jayshree (2014) Glitches in the implementation of inclusive education policy: on-field observation of lamgara block in Almora. Learning Curve (23). pp. 51-53.

Ramchand, Mythili (2014) Preparing teachers for social justice - an experience in Karnataka. Learning Curve (23). pp. 16-19.

Ryall, Reena (2014) The resource room – external supports. Learning Curve (23). pp. 75-77.

Sahi, Jane and Viswanatha, Vanamala (2014) Moving together: some strategies for inclusion. Learning Curve (23). pp. 62-65.

Singh, Deepika K (2014) Social inclusion and exclusion – my experiences. Learning Curve (23). pp. 40-43.

Stephen, Cynthia (2014) Girls’ education - causes for dropout of adolescents. Learning Curve (23). pp. 37-39.

Swaminathan, Anand (2014) Our Experiences with the government school system. Learning Curve (25). pp. 40-43.

T, Remadevi (2014) Including the differently abled. Learning Curve (23). pp. 54-57.

Vyas, Siddhi (2014) Of educational rights and teaching challenges: to include and how to include. Learning Curve (23). pp. 80-83.

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