The resource room – external supports

Ryall, Reena (2014) The resource room – external supports. Learning Curve (23). pp. 75-77.

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This article analyses the role of the regular teachers, principal and management in helping to sustain the resource room. Over the years it has been seen that teachers are disinclined towards the policy of inclusion of children with special needs in the regular classroom. Their concerns come from varied factors like amount of time such children might need, poor performance, how it might affect the other children, as well as their own sense of inadequacy about their training and skills to handle such situations. However it is known that teacher attitudes impact 1 student’s educational outcomes and when it is a negative attitude it is a cause for concern. A resource room is a classroom where children can receive individual academic instruction for goals listed in the IEP (Individual Educational Programme) which will help them learn strategies that will improve their performance in the class. The resource room is particularly beneficial to children with dyslexia and other learning disorders as direct individual teaching is required. In the resource room children receive learning support in a positive environment. The concept of the resource room facility or the learning support facility has not yet caught on in India. Though awareness levels have improved in recent years, the principal and school managements still fail to see the crucial link that the resource room provides in the circle of education. Mostly viewed as a specialised area connected with special education, catering to the needs of too small a number of children, creating a financial burden that is considered optional, most schools are of the opinion that they can manage without a resource room

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