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, Beedu (2011) Sports in education as told to Hitha Gujjar. Learning Curve (17). pp. 28-29.

, Chikkarangappa (2011) The boy with the wooden club - as told to Natasha Kini. Learning Curve (17). pp. 75-77.


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Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Back. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Barrier-free Sanchi. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Blood. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Blushing welcome. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Fallen Trees. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) For bliss-starved souls. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Hail happiness. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) The Nightie Seller. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Sea Songs. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mehta, Shefali Tripathi (2011) Town with a colonial past. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mourshed, Mona and Mangaleswaran, Ramesh and Venkataraman, Ramya (2011) Where are you in the journey and how do you take the next leap? transforming your state or district’s public school system. Learning Curve (16). pp. 30-33.

Mundoli, Seema (2011) Free Prior and Informed Consent’: A Tool for Conflict Resolution for Adivasi Women Impacted by Mining Projects. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Mundoli, Seema (2011) Impacts of Government Policies on Sustenance of Tribal People in the Eastern Ghats. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

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Vijay, Dominic (2011) Countering stereotypes. Learning Curve (17). pp. 42-43.

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