From nobody to somebody : journey with the parents’ body of a village primary school

Periodi, Umashanker (2011) From nobody to somebody : journey with the parents’ body of a village primary school. Learning Curve (16). pp. 74-76.

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Brahmarakutlu Higher Primary school was a below average school on all counts. The education department had already termed it a ‘low achieving’ school. The parents of the villages Kallige and Thumbe were aware of this situation since they had to face the insult of the high school teachers when they dared to admit their children in the nearby high schools. Usually it would be mild like “we are full, we cannot take more people” or as harsh as “we do not admit the children of Brahmarakutlu school” or “we do not guarantee the passing of children from Brahmarakutlu school”. This was the situation in 1983 when I was asked to become a member of the school betterment committee. I took this role very seriously and entered the committee with a lot of enthusiasm. Looking back at those initial days I feel that unlike some of the famous betterment committees of our region, our committee was very mild. The teachers would convene the meeting and ask for some help and our President - a very powerful personality, would either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and that was the end of it. All of us were mere members nodding to whatever the President or Head teacher said.

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