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, Sriparna (2008) Role of projects, field work and discovery in assessment. Learning Curve (15). pp. 118-120.


A.K., Jalaluddin (2008) The second wave of alienation from state schools. Learning Curve (11). pp. 2-4.

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Azim Premji Foundation, (APF) (2008) A study of the computer assisted learning program (CALP). Technical Report. Azim Premji Foundation, Bengaluru.


B C, Rishikesh (2008) The ‘Deficient’ status of social science in India – reasons and corrective measures. Learning Curve (15). pp. 18-22.

Balachandran, Chandra Shekhar (2008) Geography education for the 21st century. Learning Curve (15). pp. 68-71.

Bardapurkar, Abhijeet (2008) Do Students See the “Selection” in Organic Evolution? A Critical Review of the Causal Structure of Student Explanations. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

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Biswas, Sampoorna (2008) Review of new NCERT social science textbooks. Learning Curve (15). 80 -82.

Béteille, André (2008) Social science in schools. Learning Curve (15). pp. 7-9.


Dhankar, Rohit (2008) शिक्षा मे समझदारी: शिक्षा के प्रतिमानो मे गिरावत. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Dhankar, Rohit (2008) एक भरोसेमन्द स्कूली व्यवस्थ के बरे मे विचार. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

Duraisingh, Liz Dawes (2008) Issues in history education: perspectives from England and the USA. Learning Curve (15). pp. 72-74.


George, Alex M (2008) Oh! Panchayat : loose lessons while doing social science textbooks. Learning Curve (15). pp. 64-67.


Horwitz, Ann (2008) Building tomorrow’s citizens: A brief survey of social science education across the globe. Learning Curve (15). pp. 48-51.


Kaur, Gurmeet and Sahib, Mariam (2008) How history has shaped our world. Learning Curve (15). pp. 134-135.

Krishna, R S (2008) Exams: The need to restore its credibility and sanctity. Learning Curve (15). pp. 114-117.


Lakshminarayan, Devaki (2008) 'Enhancing' effectiveness of education system. Learning Curve (11). pp. 6-7.


Nambiar, Jayashree (2008) Beyond retention: Meaningful assessment in social science. Learning Curve (15). pp. 116-110.

Nanda, Mangala (2008) Does neutral = controversial? Learning Curve (15). pp. 90-93.

Natarajan, Sita (2008) Vignettes – The journey of a class through civilizations. Learning Curve (15). pp. 86-89.

Nayak, Dhanwanti (2008) The importance of being “useless”. Learning Curve (15). pp. 122-124.

Noronha, Anjali (2008) Education for democracy – the relevance of social science education in schools. Learning Curve (15). p. 2327.


Paik, Saswati (2008) Creating a Professional ID. Digital Learning.

Paliwal, Rashmi and Subramaniam, C N. (2008) Texts in school. Learning Curve (15). pp. 43-47.

Periodi, Umashanker (2008) Beyond dates and fights! Learning Curve (15). pp. 138-140.

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S, Gayathri (2008) The urgent need for focus on secondary education in India : a secondary research update. Learning Curve (11). pp. 8-10.

Saha, Tapasya (2008) Geography in daily life. Learning Curve (15). pp. 60-63.

Saha, Tapasya (2008) Quality verses quantity. Learning Curve (15). pp. 111-113.

Sardana, Arvind (2008) The dilemma and challenge of school economics. Learning Curve (15). pp. 75-78.

Sarma, Manas (2008) The social sciences—how scientific are they? Learning Curve (15). 0-136.

Sarwate, Parth (2008) Political agenda of education - a study of colonialist and nationalist ideas (Book review). Learning Curve (11). pp. 11-12.

Sleeper, Martin and Strom, Adam (2008) Facing history and ourselves: Studying history is a moral enterprise. Learning Curve (15). pp. 52-55.


Tiwari, Nidhi (2008) The lens that social science conferred upon me. Learning Curve (15). pp. 131-133.


Upadhyaya, Himanshu and Goyal, Jaya and Wagle, Subodh (2008) Performance and Development Effectiveness of Sardar Sarovar Project. [Publications (Pre-joining)]

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