The dilemma and challenge of school economics

Sardana, Arvind (2008) The dilemma and challenge of school economics. Learning Curve (15). pp. 75-78.

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It is still contested whether economics should be taught at the school level. Many people feel that economics as a special subject similar to math, history or geography does not merit a place in the curriculum. The school curriculum ought to retain its focus on the development of basic abilities and skills. They feel that the time diverted to teaching economics could be better utilized in acquiring skills like math and language and to attain a mastery over them. Others feel that economics has much to contribute to understanding the modern world and this should be a part of a citizen’s training. Besides, it also contributes to the training in logical reasoning. The critiques however add that the abstraction of the economic models and their slippery ground of assumptions are not appropriate for school level introduction. There’s a grain of truth on either side. Therefore, what should be debated is the nature of economics for schools.

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