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Dey, Sahel and Chatterjee, Piyali and O. V. S. N., Murthy and Korsós, Marianna B. and Liu, Jiajia and Nelson, Christopher J. and Erdélyi, Robertus (2022) Polymeric jets throw light on the origin and nature of the forest of solar spicules. Nature Physics. ISSN 1745-2473

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January 2022

Bardapurkar, Abhijeet (2022) What is good? a study of educational insights in Nicomachean ethics (Book I, II and III). Journal of Human Values, 28 (1). pp. 11-19. ISSN 09730737

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February 2022

Vyasanakere, Jayanth (2022) Optimal extraction of heat : an instructive problem. Resonance: Journal of Science Education, 27 (2). pp. 273-282. ISSN 0973-712X

26 February 2022

Thomas, Alex M. (2022) Classical economics and keynes. Economic and Political Weekly, 57 (9). pp. 70-71. ISSN 2349-8846

March 2022

वंजारी, राहुल and वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) सातभाई आणि घाणेरी यांचे सहजीवन. Srushtidnyan, 95 (3). pp. 28-30. ISSN 2456-2114

1 April 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) आपल्या माहितीला उजळ करणारी प्रश्नावली - भाग ३. पक्षिमित्र. 18 &-28.

15 May 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) उन्हाळा कुणाचा? दैनिक सकाळ.

19 May 2022

Dyer, Caroline and Sriprakash, Arathi and Jacob, Suraj and Thomas, Nisha (2022) The Social Contract and India’s Right to Education. Development and Change. pp. 1-24. ISSN 1467-7660

21 May 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) वादळ वार सुटल गो! दैनिक सकाळ.

28 May 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) जलपर्णी. दैनिक सकाळ.

June 2022

Mundoli, Seema and Jacob, Zubin and Murali, Ranjini and Nagendra, Harini (2022) Climate change: the missing discourse in the Indian Parliament. Environmental Research Climate. ISSN 2752-5295

2 June 2022

Sharma, Seema and Sivakami, Muthusamy (2022) “God will decide her fate”: the trajectories of women with traumatic spinal cord injury in India. Disability and Rehabilitation. pp. 1-10.

14 June 2022

Purushothaman, Seema (2022) Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarship for a civilisation in distress: questions for and from the Global South. Global Social Challenges Journal, 1. pp. 94-114. ISSN 2752-3349

22 June 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) गवताचे गाव. दैनिक सकाळ.

27 June 2022

Dyer, Caroline and Jacob, Suraj and Patil, Indira and Mishra, Preeti (2022) Connecting families with schools: the bureaucratized relations of ‘accountability’ in Indian elementary schooling. Third World Quarterly. ISSN 1360-2241

July 2022

Basole, Amit (2022) Structural Transformation and Employment Generation in India: Past Performance and the Way Forward. The Indian Journal of Labour Economics. ISSN 0971-7927

Sunny, Sharoon (2022) Review of the book Classroom with a View: Notes from the Krishnamurti Schools by Ashwin Prabhu. Teacher Plus. pp. 32-33. ISSN 0973-778

1 July 2022

Chattopadhyay, Sreeparna and Jacob, Suraj (2022) Changing Birth Practices in India: Oils, Oxytocin, and Obstetrics. South Asia Research, 42 (3). pp. 1-17. ISSN 02627280

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) आपल्या माहितीला उजळ करणारी प्रश्नावली - भाग ४. पक्षिमित्र. 14 &-20.

2 July 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) तणाचा ताणतणाव. दैनिक सकाळ.

3 July 2022

Rajan, Vijitha (2022) ‘Shed’, ‘shed makkalu’, and differentiated schooling: narratives from an Indian city. Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal.

24 July 2022

Rajan, Vijitha (2022) Children and NGOs in India: Development as Storytelling and Performance. Contemporary Education Dialogue. pp. 304-309. ISSN 2249-5320

10 August 2022

Rocchini, Duccio and Santos, Maria J. and Ustin, Susan L. and Nagendra, Harini (2022) The spectral species concept in living color. JGR Biogeosciences. ISSN 2169-8961

13 August 2022

Thomas, Alex M. (2022) Sraffa’s Political Economy. Economic and Political Weekly, LVII (33). pp. 30-34. ISSN 2349-8846

22 August 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) सर्प रक्षणाचा सोलापूर मॉडेल. दैनिक सकाळ.

September 2022

Dasgupta, Zico (2022) Investment function and the role of export: The case of India's manufacturing sector. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 63. pp. 79-90. ISSN 0954349X

Nagendra, Harini and Ratnam, Jayashree and Kamdar, Arjun and Baishya, Hiten and Smith, David and Sekar, Nitin (2022) Human–elephant conflict mitigation as a public good: what determines fence maintenance? Human–elephant conflict mitigation as a public good: what determines fence maintenance?, 27 (3). pp. 1-47.

Thomas, Alex M. (2022) Kanta Ranadive: A forgotten Indian political economist. D- Econ.

5 September 2022

Madan, Amman (2022) Understanding Diverse Perspectives on Peace in a Conflicted World. The New Leam. ISSN 2455 – 4936

10 September 2022

Madan, Amman (2022) Children as Citizens. Economic and Political Weekly, LVII (1). pp. 23-25. ISSN 2349-8846

S., Giridhar (2022) Book review: Our India: Reflections on a Nation Betwixt and Between. The Hindu Business Line.

October 2022

मदान, अमन (2022) शांतीकडे बघन्याचे वेगवेगडे द्रुष्टिकोन. पालकनीती. pp. 1-12.

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) सारसाची सुरस कहाणी - पुस्तक परिचय. Srushtidnyan, 95 (10-11). pp. 62-63. ISSN 2456-2114

1 October 2022

वंजारी, राघवेंद्र (2022) आपल्या माहितीला उजळ करणारी प्रश्नावली - भाग ५. पक्षिमित्र. pp. 15-17.

8 November 2022

Bodey, Thomas W. and Angulo, Elena and Bang, Alok and Bellard, Céline and Lepczyk, Jean Fantle and Lenzner, Bernd and Turbelin, Anna and Watari, Yuya and Courchamp, Franck (2022) Economic costs of protecting islands from invasive alien species. Conservation Biology. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1523-1739

8 December 2022

Sen, Amrita and Nagendra, Harini (2022) Rethinking inclusivity and justice agendas in restoration of urban ecological commons: A case study of Bangalore lakes. Wiley Online Library, 27 (3). ISSN 1440-1770

10 December 2022

Subramaniam, Nimish and Tamma, Krishnapriya and Uma, Divya (2022) An arachnid’s guide to be an ant: morphological and behavioural mimicry in antmimicking spiders. Behavioral Ecology. ISSN 1465-7279

Subramaniam, Nimish and Tamma, Krishnapriya and Uma, Divya (2022) An arachnid’s guide to being an ant: morphological and behavioral mimicry in ant-mimicking spiders. Behavioral Ecology. ISSN 1465-7279

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