Inequity in education : structural dimensions of the problem

Swaminathan, Padmini (2007) Inequity in education : structural dimensions of the problem. Learning Curve (8). pp. 2-3.

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Levels of formal education as against levels of mere literacy are significant markers in any society; more so in one that is organised so strongly on caste, class and religious lines and where social and economic exclusions were the norm for some sections of the population for a long period in history. Postindependent efforts to universalise education as well as compensate for past discriminations have gone some way in providing a measure of justice. However, the persistence of structural constraints as well as the logged-jam effect of poverty not only militate against the accessing of existing educational facilities but also make it difficult for these sections of the population to break free of the many interlinked shackles binding them.

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Authors: Swaminathan, Padmini
Uncontrolled Keywords: Education, Elementary education, Early childhood education
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