How Much or Till What: When and Why?

Space, Math (2023) How Much or Till What: When and Why? At Right Angles. pp. 31-33. ISSN 2582-1873

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One of the decisions policy makers, syllabus and textbook writers need to consider for mathematics at the primary level (Class 1-5) or foundational and preparatory tages (pre-school to Class 5 or 3-11yrs), is what is the biggest number children should be introduced to at various classes. The National Curricular Framework for Foundational Stage (NCF-FS) has made its recommendations. Here is another take at that along with some justification and interlinkages with other topics within the subject. Numbers have essentially 3 aspects – (i) the quantity each represents, usually the cardinality of a set for whole numbers, (ii) the number name (e.g., thirteen or hundred and five) and (iii) the numeral (e.g., 13 or 105). Learners are supposed to establish a 3-way mapping linking these three aspects together. It may be helpful to separate out (i) and (ii) before connecting (iii) with the same, at least initially.

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