Algebracadabra magic squares ; with prime entries

Nair, Vinay (2015) Algebracadabra magic squares ; with prime entries. At Right Angles, 4 (3). pp. 16-19.

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A magic square is an array of numbers in an n × n square grid arranged in such a way that the sum of the numbers in each row, each column and each of the two main diagonals is the same number (called the ‘Magic Sum’ of that square). There are various ways of classifying magic squares; one is by the number of rows and columns. Thus we have Odd-order Magic Squares, with an odd number of rows, and Even-order Magic Squares, with an even number of rows. Even-order Magic Squares can be further classified into Singly-even Magic Squares, for which the number of rows is even but not a multiple of 4, and Doubly-even Magic Squares, for which the number of rows is a multiple of 4.

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