Through the symmetry lens, part 1 : planar symmetry and frieze pattern

Venkataraman, Geetha (2016) Through the symmetry lens, part 1 : planar symmetry and frieze pattern. At Right Angles, 5 (1). pp. 5-14.

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symmetry seems to be very much a part of our genetic make-up. Even a young child, unschooled in matters, is able to differentiate between symmetrical or regular objects as compared with those that are irregular. Our hearing is tuned to recognise symmetry in rhythm, music and beats. We see beauty in symmetry of monuments, designs, decorations and art. The aim of this article is two-fold. The first is to introduce the reader to the intuitive as well as the mathematical concept of symmetry. The other is to use the knowledge of symmetry to see the world around us. In a sense the aim here is to provide spectacles capable of discerning symmetry in our daily life and to use such a device to appreciate the many examples that prevail and that are so filled with symmetry. This article has been written in two parts. Part-I covers an intuitive and mathematical approach to symmetry and discusses symmetries of two-dimensional objects or shapes that can be drawn on a sheet of paper as well as symmetries of certain two-dimensional infinite patterns known as frieze patterns or strip patterns. Part-II of the article focuses on wallpaper patterns and their symmetries.

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