Creating an enabling environment for girls in schools

V G, Nirmala (2013) Creating an enabling environment for girls in schools. Learning Curve (21). pp. 76-78.

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In Indian rural communities many adolescent girls are neglected and vulnerable. In most cases they are fed and brought up with the mindset that they are ‘somebody else’s wealth’ and are considered to be burden on the family, to be given away with a dowry. Other societal myths also add to the feeling. Consequently, parental discrimination against the girl child triggers gender disparities in schooling. Hence, adult girls are not able to get the necessary knowledge and skills to advance and as a result they remain dis empowered and face an extreme degree of pressure from peers, parents, society and their own lack of self confidence. In this background, there is an immediate need for creating awareness about gender discrimination, life skills, nutrition and health and related issues. Young girls becoming responsible for these things reinforces the concept that self-confidence comes from making decisions. Being responsible for themselves as well as learning how to evaluate alternatives and make proper judgment is crucial in the life of these young adults. It is a difficult process but it is only through this awareness they can lead a dignified life.Teachers need to be educated by strategies that empower them to identify the hidden, discriminatory messages prevalent in their own practices. They can demonstrate the same during their day today communication and could be the role models for the girls understanding about equality and justice in classrooms. They can take initiatives in curricula and teaching practices that challenge patriarchal attitudes resulting in social inequalities that exist in the society they live. Teachers could also follow relevant teaching learning practices to address the advantages and disadvantages of these children’s diverse socio-economic backgrounds at different learning levels.

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