Acharya to a service provider: travelling without reaching

Kumar, Rajesh (2017) Acharya to a service provider: travelling without reaching. Learning Curve (26). pp. 39-42.

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It would be difficult to find a period when teachers and their central role in education was not acknowledged, but not much effort is required to notice the variation in the social status and public image of teachers and role played by them both across time and space. The unquestioned privileged position of the teacher who knew what to teach and how to teach has gone long agoi. The insistence of the state to get maximum return on the public investment in education in the name of teacher accountability has been used to gnaw gradually at teacher autonomy. The State’s passing of part of the cost of education to parents has empowered them to the extent that phrases like ‘customer satisfaction’ are being used. By appointing para- teachers on different terms and conditions than those applicable to the regular teacher, states have succeeded in destroying the fellow feeling among teachers and instilling a sense of insecurity leading to their abject surrender and unconditional obedience. Consequent change in notions of teaching and teachers’ role in relation to the system, students and parents calls for revisiting our understanding of who teachers are.

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