2D Base-10 Blocks : (also known as Flats-Longs-Units)

Space, Math (2024) 2D Base-10 Blocks : (also known as Flats-Longs-Units). At Right Angles (18). pp. 65-69. ISSN 2582-1873

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Many teaching- learning aids help one understand the base-10 structure and how we conceptualise and use whole numbers. Several of these also aid in introducing and exploring the four operations. We found that the best of these is 2D base-10 blocks popularly known as Flats-Longs-Units (FLU). The unit is a small square or a 1. The long is ten times the unit and therefore a 10. Finally, the flat is a bigger square, a hundred times the unit and ten times the long, therefore a 100. Figure 1 illustrates these basic blocks. All three types of blocks should be of the same colour for the reason explained below.

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