Who Teaches Math Vocabulary?

Kaur, Rima (2024) Who Teaches Math Vocabulary? At Right Angles. ISSN 2582-1873

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Christina has just begun class 1. During the term-end parent- teacher meeting, her class teacher (who is also her Math teacher) tells her parents – “Christina is just not able to understand simple word problems, no matter how many times I solve them on the board. Please talk to the English teacher to sort out this issue, otherwise this will create many more problems in future.” Slightly puzzled as Christina swiftly and correctly answers most addition and subtraction problems at home, be it 3+5 or 73, Christina’s mother closely examines her notebook and finds the following: Jennifer skipped 8 times in the morning. She then skipped 3 times in the evening. How many times did she skip during the day? Christina’s answer: 5 Lynpu goes to the river and catches 7 fish. His friend goes to the river and catches 3 fish. How many more fish does Lynpu catch? Christina’s answer: 10 Prasida has 5 idlis on her plate. She eats 2 idlis. How many idlis does she have now in total? Christina’s answer: 7

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