Map Reading Through Activities

Rani H, Shobha (2023) Map Reading Through Activities. Learning Curve (17). pp. 75-77. ISSN 2582-1644

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We claim that learning is a continuous process. Parallel to this is the conviction that positive reinforcement of any kind is indispensable for learning to be continuous. Real learning becomes possible through reinforcement. When we start applying the knowledge thus acquired in our day- to-day life, then the learning is said to be complete. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 has a special focus on Early Childhood Education (ECE), which asserts that learning is a constant process that results in knowledge production by consolidating the experiences outside the classroom. Similarly, teachers are not machines that force knowledge into students’ minds. Children possess the ability to build knowledge on their own. Although every child is capable of self-learning, a teacher, acting as a facilitator, gives appropriate reinforcements to support the child towards independent learning. Map reading is one such area of learning. Many efforts have been made to boost the skill of map reading. In today's digital age, the art of map reading may seem like a skill of the past. Yet, its importance cannot be underestimated. Teaching map reading in schools holds a crucial place in education. In the age of GPS and navigation apps, basic map reading skills are vital. Teaching students to navigate with maps is like giving them a timeless tool for exploration. In this article, we examine the objectives of teaching map reading and how learning this skill at the elementary level leads to a better understanding of the world around us, while also promoting spatial awareness, critical thinking, cognitive development and geographical knowledge.

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