Integer Board Game

Mukherjee, Shreya (2023) Integer Board Game. At Right Angles. pp. 19-24. ISSN 2582-1873

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In the early years of our education, we embark on a journey of numbers and arithmetic (besides other topics), learning the basic rules and operations that govern them. When learning subtraction, we are taught that higher numbers cannot be subtracted from lower numbers, since it appears illogical. The understanding of natural and whole numbers, and to some extent, some of their basic properties, shapes our arithmetic foundation until we reach grade 6. Here, we encounter a significant leap into a whole new realm of numbers. Suddenly, we are introduced to an infinite extension of numbers in the opposite direction. The concept of integers seems somewhat counterintuitive. It is as if we have entered a whole new mathematical universe, where we must learn new rules and adapt our thinking to grasp these unfamiliar entities. This transition challenges our preconceived notions and requires us to reorient our understanding of numbers. What follows is an extensive exercise of drill and practice with worksheets full of problems on operations of integers, which is mostly monotonous and drab. I have grown up playing “saanp-seedhi” (snakes and ladders) with my family. I remember feeling excited and proud of myself when I grew out of the need to count my position on the board by skipping over numbers one by one and could easily calculate my position in my head. My teachers however missed the opportunity of using this game (or the number chart version of this, made into a game by Jodo Gyan) as a supplementary material or an exciting context for solving addition and subtraction problems. Gamifying drills and practice can make learning interactive and enjoyable for students, and perhaps something similar can be done with integers as well. While the NCERT textbook chapter

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