How Stories Nourish Children

Trivedi, Valentina (2023) How Stories Nourish Children. Learning Curve (16). ISSN 2582-1644

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In our rapidly changing and unpredictable world, it is imperative that we have the right tools to lead a happy and successful life. It may come as a surprise to many that the most fundamental of such tools can be acquired by simply engaging with stories. Telling stories has been a way of life in all cultures as the most elementary way of imparting not just knowledge, but wisdom too. Unfortunately, the increasing burden of academic course content slowly edged it out as the most basic tool to facilitate learning. As complicated curricula made schools more teaching focussed, the gap in learning due to the disconnect with stories became wider. The focus on using storytelling as a tool was recently revived by its mention in the NEP, which says that learning should be, ‘Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable and Engaging…. The aim of education is not only cognitive development, but also building character and creating holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with the key 21st-century skills.’

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