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Azim Premji University, Math Space (2021) Review : counters. At Right Angles. pp. 97-100. ISSN 2582-1873

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Simply put, anything that can be counted may be considered to be counters. So, pebbles, chalk pieces, bottle caps, seeds, buttons – all these are familiar objects which can be utilised as counters. Square counters can be made easily from (corrugated) cardboard boxes by drawing a square grid with squares of side at least 2cm and then cutting it up. Cutters (with steel scales) work much faster for corrugated cardboard than scissors. Making round counters from cardboard is more tedious but not impossible (with difficulty decreasing as size increases). Carrom coins, bottle caps (ideally of the same size), tooth paste caps are great as round counters. It is advisable to paint the counters in bright colours especially for younger children.

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