From stylistic analysis to interpretation: a pedagogical illustration from K.K. Daruwalla's 'Hawk'

Sharda, Praveen (2018) From stylistic analysis to interpretation: a pedagogical illustration from K.K. Daruwalla's 'Hawk'. Language and Language Teaching, 7 (1). pp. 25-29. ISSN 2277-307X

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According to Widdowson (1992), "Poems are uses of language and they can only be understood as uses of language" (p. 10). The language of poetry usually takes as its subject matter, what is conventionally considered to be common place, ordinary or even insignificant. What is then significant about poetry is simply the way language is used to reformulate in unfamiliar terms the simple propositions capturing the underlying mystery of the commonplace. It is imaginative, insightful and subtle thought which renders into poetic language simple truisms such as "nature is beautiful" or "love is a wonderful feeling". The language of poetry thus brings into existence new or elusive images of reality. This puts poetry on a pedestal as it becomes an especially prestigious discourse, different from the world of ordinary affairs. The message contained in a poetic text is the poet's perception, but it is meant for others and thus of general significance. To understand the message, readers must not only relate the language of poetry to ordinary day to day activities but also discover the deviations to understand the meaning, the message or the objective of the poet. To understand the language of poetic communication or discourse, the reader needs to interpret its language to understand how it has been laden with certain values, which make for a coherent world in the context of that poem.

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