Creating trigonometric tables

Anand, Aradhana (2018) Creating trigonometric tables. At Right Angles, 7 (2). pp. 5-9. ISSN 2582-1873

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Have you tried to create your own trigonometric tables and thus join the likes of several mathematician astronomers of the past who created tables of trigonometric functions for their astronomical calculations? Sine tables in Bhāskarācārya’s Siddhānta-Śiromaṇi The great 12th century Indian mathematician and astronomer, Bhāskarācārya II, describes the creation of sine tables in his magnum opus, the Siddhānta-Śiromaṇi, in a section named Jyotpatti [1]. The very name Jyotpatti means ‘jyānām utpattiḥ’, i.e., creation or generation of sine tables. Jyotpatti is a part of Golādhyāya (dealing with Trigonometry), which is one of the four major parts of the Siddhānta-Śiromaṇi, the other three being Līlāvatī (dealing with Arithmetic), Bījagaṇita (dealing with Algebra) and Grahagaṇita (dealing with Planetary Motion)

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