Interaction and second language development : a Vygotskian perspective

Lakshminarayan, Devaki (2017) Interaction and second language development : a Vygotskian perspective. Language and Language Teaching, 6 (1). pp. 67-68. ISSN 2277-307X

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This book re-conceptualizes the link between the role of interaction and second language (L2) development from the perspective of socio-cultural theory. It starts by critiquing the two interactionist traditions—the cognitive interactionist tradition in which interaction is conceptualized as an environmental trigger and the social interactionist tradition where interaction is situated in the external world. A third position is also proposed in which interactionism constitutes the dialectical unity between the external social world and individual mental functioning. This dialectal perspective pervades the book. In fact, the second chapter expands on this perspective by discussing the concept of communicative interactions as a mediational tool and the notion of internalization and the zone of proximal development in the context of mediated performance. Additionally, the role of micro-discourse analysis is discussed as an approach to understanding interactions and L2 development.

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Authors: Lakshminarayan, Devaki
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cognitive Development, Interactions
Subjects: Language
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